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Tired of riding the diet roller coaster?

Ready to experience a Monday where you don't feel the pressure to get "back on track"?

As someone who has enough food journals to fill up a small football field, I can tell ya, it's pretty darn life changing.

This journal gives you step-by-step guidance to ditch the diet mentality and lay the foundation for a lifelong healthy relationship with food.

Including insight into Shawn's personal journey - and how finally giving up dieting made all the difference!

Diets don't work. But what is the alternative?

This 3-day guide gets you started on a path to master your relationship with food for good. It will teach you how to tune in to your body's signals and lay the foundation for true long-term health.

And don't worry, if the idea of eating without structure freaks you out, I include several tips to set yourself up for success, and feel in control and empowered along the way.

Ditch dieting and achieve food freedom

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